Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover Me On Another Bike? – Here’s What to Know

The biggest concern for most motorcycle insurance policyholders is the extent of the coverage. You want a policy that covers you at all times, and so you are likely to ask, will my motorcycle insurance cover me on another bike?

Well, not all motorcycle insurance policies can cover you on other bikes. Only fully comprehensive insurance, rider cover, and multi-bike insurance can cover you, depending on your state, insurance provider, and whether the policy is transferable.

We will cover the details to help you understand the dynamics of motorcycle insurance on another bike to know what to expect once you make a claim.

We will discuss the three policies that cover you on other bikes, the penalties for riding uninsured, and your option if your policy cannot protect you.

Let’s get started.

When Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover Me On Another Bike?

While your motorcycle insurance can cover you on another bike, it depends on coverage.

Here are the three types of coverages that cover you on other bikes:

1. Fully Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

A fully comprehensive motorbike insurance policy usually offers the following coverages:

In most cases, property damage and bodily injury liability fall on the 3rd party insurance. Your policy protects the other party from bodily injuries and damage to their property in case of a motorcycle accident but doesn’t protect you. 

The coverage that protects you within a fully comprehensive setup is the uninsured motorist (UM) insurance, sometimes known as underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance.

A UM or UIM cover pays for your medical bills and compensates for damages caused by your motorcycle regardless of who is at fault.

There is a caveat, however. The policy has to be transferable to work on other bikes, and that’s why going for a rider cover or multi-bike policy (discussed next) is advisable.

2. Rider Cover

A rider cover is an additional motorcycle cover you add to your comprehensive insurance that allows you to ride other people’s motorcycles freely.

The policy also allows you and your mate to exchange motorcycles, provided you have comprehensive coverage. Though it does not insure the bike against theft and fire, it offers protection against accidental damage.

A rider cover is highly advisable for mates who like sharing motorcycles but are responsible enough to take up comprehensive insurance for their motorcycles.

3. Multi-Bike Insurance

Did you know that you don’t have to get insurance cover for each motorcycle you own? That’s right! Nowadays, insurance service providers allow you to take up one cover for all your motorcycles, as many as six. 

Multi-bike insurance covers save you money as you’ll only be paying for one policy instead of several options. It also saves you from the hassle of tracking all the paperwork of all your motorcycles.

With multi-bike insurance, you can ride whatever motorcycle you own as long as it’s listed on your policy. Remember also, every additional cover, including a rider cover, applies to all your motorcycles and not just one.

Note, however, that multi-bike insurance doesn’t allow you to list several riders against the various bikes you owe. That means you, the primary policyholder, can ride all the bikes listed on your policy and not any other rider.

Factors That Determine If Your Motorcycle Insurance Will Cover You On Another Bike

Since not all insurance policies offer coverage on other bikes, there are several things you must consider to know which way to go. Such factors include‌:

1. The Type of Policy

You can only use a fully comprehensive, multi-bike policy or rider cover on another bike and not any other policy. You must, however, read the terms of the policy to know if it’s transferable (explained next).

2. If the Policy is Transferable 

Not every insurance policy is transferable from one bike to another. Typically, these factors determine if motorcycle insurance is transferable or not:

  • The policy itself: If you read through the fine prints of your policy, you can determine if it’s transferable when riding other bikes or not. If it is, it’ll cover you in case of an accident. 

  • The owner’s insurance: Sometimes, all you need is the bike owner’s motorcycle insurance to cover you. If they have insurance, it’s considered the primary insurance and will therefore determine if you are covered. So, again, it may be a good idea to ask them about it.

  • How long you’ve been riding another person’s bike: If you’ve been riding someone’s motorcycle for a while or do it regularly, it may be good to ask them to add you to their policy. Not all insurers will agree to this. Alternatively, you can request your insurer to add the other person’s motorcycle to your existing insurance policy. Again, not all insurance providers will agree to this. 
  • Your insurance provider: Not all insurance providers allow you to transfer your policy to another bike. It’s crucial to get confirmation from them before riding another motorcycle. If they do, ‌confirm the extent of the coverage.

  • Your state: Your state also determines if your motorcycle insurance is transferable to another bike or not. Most states only require you to obtain a limited liability cover and underinsured insurance, which don’t cover you on other motorcycles.

The Exception: When The Bike Owner’s Policy May Cover You

Some states require commercial motorcycle riders to include a guest passenger liability cover to their existing policy to cover the people they carry on the back of their bikes.

If you are the pillion passenger, you don’t need your motorcycle insurance to come to your rescue, as the motorcycle owner’s guest liability insurance will take care of everything.

The pillion passenger insurance will cover you against bodily injuries suffered while riding as a passenger.

The Penalties Of Riding Uninsured

Given the complexity of motorcycle insurance policies and the cost of paying for one, it’s tempting to skip the idea and avoid insuring your bike.

Unfortunately, the risks of such a step are dire as they involve the following penalties or disadvantages:

  • Hefty fines
  • Your motorcycle may be seized
  • Your motorcycle may be destroyed beyond repair and you won’t get compensated since you don’t have insurance
  • Possible prosecution
  • Loss of the driving license
  • IN10 conviction (In the UK, which stays on your driving record for four years)
  • Six or more penalty points show up on your motorcycle license and impact your premiums.


Generally, you can only ride another motorcycle and get covered by your motorcycle insurance if it’s transferable, fully comprehensive or you have a rider cover.

Alternatively, you can get a multi-bike insurance cover if you own more than one motorcycle. It’s essential to read your policy thoroughly and inquire from your insurance service provider.

People Also Ask

Given the complexity of motorcycle insurance and the uncertainty of the extent they cover, several questions are likely to pop up. Here are some top ones. 

Can You Get Insurance On Someone Else’s Motorcycle?

Yes, you can get insurance on someone else’s motorcycle if they are family or close friends. You, however, have to seek their permission and ask them to list you on their policy.

Alternatively, you can request their permission to include their motorcycle on your existing insurance plan.

Can I Take Insurance On My Friend’s Bike?

You can only take insurance on your friend’s bike if they permit you. You need their consent to list their bike on your insurance policy legally.

Alternatively, you can obtain a rider cover, an add-on for comprehensive insurance that allows you and your friend to share bikes.

Can I Claim Insurance For Bike Scratches?

You can claim insurance as long as you are not at fault for the scratch and the cause is purely accidental. But again, it’s essential to read the fine prints of your insurance policy before claiming anything.

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