When is a Motorcycle License Required? – You Will Love This One!

A motorcycle license is important for you to legally operate a motorcycle in any state in the US.  While you can use a motorcycle endorsement or a rider’s permit in some states, you may face penalties or jail time if you overlook the motorcycle license requirements of your state. Age is crucial when getting a motorcycle license or permit. Depending … Read more

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How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in the United States?

According to a 2015 Report, motorcycles are 29 times more likely to crash than regular passenger cars. And considering that most of them suffer a total loss, there is a crucial need for reliable motorcycle insurance. But how much is motorcycle insurance in the US? Progressive Insurance estimates the average annual cost of motorcycle insurance in low-cost states like Arkansas … Read more

What Is a Motorcycle Safety Course? – The Most Comprehensive Guide to the MSF Course

MSF Official Website – May 2022 There are many ways to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. You can train yourself, get help from a friend or relative, or you can decide to take a motorcycle safety course.  Apart from simply knowing how to ride your motorbike safely, the motorcycle safety course will train you on many fronts while … Read more

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance Without a License? – A Trustworthy Answer

Motorcycle insurance and licensing are so related that most people believe they need one to get the other. But given that state laws differ, can you get motorcycle insurance without a license? Technically, you can get motorcycle insurance without a license, provided you are not planning to drive the bike. For instance, you can get insurance unlicensed if your motorcycle … Read more

How Long Does a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Take? – Quick Answer

Every insured motorcyclist would love the damages claim process to be pretty fast. Sadly, that’s often not the case as the process stalls. So, how long does a motorcycle insurance claim take?  Most motorcycle insurance claims take days or a few weeks to settle if the insurance company sees no issue with the claim report. Others, however, take up to … Read more

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We all know the importance of motorcycle insurance, but we often don’t know what cover to take, especially when planning to ride short-term. Let’s explore the subject and answer the question: can you get 6 month motorcycle insurance? Yes. You can get temporary or seasonal motorcycle insurance, which also goes by the name pay-as-you-go or short-term insurance, and cover your … Read more