Honda vs Harley-Davidson: Which Brand Is Better?

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating and gives you more freedom to explore than an automobile. However, choosing the motorcycle brand to buy from can be challenging, and you must familiarize yourself with the possibilities.  Honda and Harley-Davidson are two companies in the motorbike space that many individuals purchase for different reasons. Learning more about them can help you decide … Read more

Motorcycles for Sale Near Me: Best Online Stores for Motorcycles for Sale Near Me

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Chinese Brands of Motorcycles

China has a reputation for making some of the best motorcycle models in the world. Over the past years, there have been a lot of comments and articles about Chinese motorcycle brands.  According to the comments, so many people were dissatisfied with China-made motorcycles. However, in recent years, motorcycle reviewers and enthusiasts have been changing their earlier comments in a … Read more

Types of Motorcycles: A Trustworthy Guide to Finding the Perfect Bike

The history of motorcycles dates back over a century ago.  Two German engineers—Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, designed and built the first internal combustion engine motorcycle in 1885. It was a petroleum-fueled bike, which they named Reitwagen, meaning “a riding car.” Over the years, the motorcycle industry has seen massive improvements to the idea. Today, motorbike enthusiasts have more than … Read more

Harley Davidson vs Indian Motorcycles: Which Brand is Better?

Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles are iconic American motorcycle brands with a rich history. Since their launch in the early 1900s, the two brands have shaped public perception by introducing novel motorcycle models. The first major introductions of the two brands to public attention were during the First and Second World Wars. The US military called on both companies to … Read more

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How Many Years Can a Motorcycle Last? – Life Expectancy of a Motorcycle

We all want to ride our motorcycles all our lives because of how attached we are to them. But let’s face it, things under the sun do not last forever, not even motorbikes. So, how many years can a motorcycle last? Most motorcycles last for 10-15 years, equivalent to 80,000-100,000 miles, depending on good maintenance, proper handling, and correct storage.  … Read more

These 4 Japanese Brands of Motorcycles are the Best Ever

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Brands of Motorcycles Like Harley-Davidson: Top Alternatives to Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Are you wondering if there are reliable brands of motorcycles like Harley-Davidson? Well, there are lots of them, and we’ll share them with you shortly. According to Consumer Reports, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a 29% failure rate, meaning they are 71% reliable, which is an impressive score in the world of motorcycles. While Harley-Davidson’s reliability is undeniable, the iconic motorcycle brand … Read more