Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant | The Risks, Benefits, & What Doctors Say

An interesting fact about motorcycles in the US is that 8% of all households have a registered on-road motorcycle as of 2018. As early as 2014, motorbikes accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities. Sadly, the rate of deaths related to motorcycles is on the rise and gets worse if a pregnant rider dies because that’s two simultaneous deaths.

Motorcycle riding is good: it symbolizes sexiness for women, burns calories, conquers fears, is healthy for mental and physical strength, and gives a feeling of freedom. The big question for women remains: can you ride a motorcycle while pregnant?

Medics do not advocate riding during pregnancy. A pregnant rider should be cleared by their obstetrician and observe utmost safety when riding. 

While you can ride a motorbike while pregnant, there are several factors to consider. Let’s dig deeper to learn more!

Best Sitting Position For Riding a Motorcycle in Pregnancy

The best position for riding a motorcycle in pregnancy is sitting astride the bike, with your head straight, while taking care of the back and lower abdomen.

Which Trimester is Safe For Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Different women feel differently about riding a motorcycle during pregnancy. It is easier to ride one if they had been riding before pregnancy. 

Authorities discourage pregnant women from taking up motorcycle riding during pregnancy if they have never ridden before.

Whether or not to ride a motorcycle while pregnant remains their sole discretion.

However, the best time to ride during pregnancy is the first trimester, and with caution, the second trimester, and no riding in the third trimester.

Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant

While generally it is deemed dangerous for a woman to ride a motorcycle while pregnant, not all is doom and gloom.

If they are medically and physically fit and have been cleared by their obstetricians, they stand to benefit from riding while pregnant. Some of the benefits include:

Negative Effects of Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant

While riding a motorcycle while pregnant has its benefits, it also has some disadvantages. It is widely agreed that the risks far outweigh the benefits. Some of the adverse effects include:

  • Higher fatalities compared to motor vehicles
  • Riskier for a pregnant woman as it could lead to the death of the rider, the unborn child, or both
  • Increases cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body, which aren’t safe for you and the child
  • Increased heart rate
  • An imbalance may lead to a fatal fall
  • Vibrations and shocks may affect the unborn child.

What Doctors Say about Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant

Doctors do not recommend motorcycle riding in pregnancy, deeming it risky for the mother and the unborn child.

Best Roads For Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant

Wet roads, bumpy roads, greasy ones, those littered with leaves, or riding on ice may cause accidents because of slipperiness. You should ride on dry, low-traffic roads.

Is It Safe For a Pregnant Woman to be a Pillion Passenger?

It is unsafe for a pregnant woman to be a pillion passenger. If you must ride as one, sit with your legs on the sides of the motorcycle and dress in appropriate safety gear.

The Best Time to Stop Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant

The end of the first trimester is the best time to stop riding a motorcycle while pregnant.

You should stop riding a motorcycle if you are medically and physically unfit.

Which is Better to Ride While Pregnant, a Two or Three-Wheeler?

There is no consensus on the better choice between riding a two-wheeler or three-wheeler in pregnancy, which is greatly attributed to the risks involved.

Three-wheelers or trikes are safer, offer more stability, and are not prone to tipping over. They are more visible on the road, easier to ride, balance, and control. 

Recommended Age for Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant

A pregnant woman can ride a motorcycle if they are within the legal age limits imposed by their state. They should be licensed to operate a motorcycle in the US, which usually happens from 16 years in most states. 

Societal Norms – Is It Acceptable to Ride a Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Society is divided on whether a pregnant woman should ride a motorcycle. 

Some people are not bothered, while others find it inappropriate and unsafe for pregnant women to ride a motorcycle.

Best Dressing Code While Riding a Motorcycle

It is indisputable that motorcycle riding is a dangerous form of driving. It has higher mortality rates compared to four-wheeled vehicles.

Thus, a pregnant woman should arm herself with:

Pregnant women who want to ride a motorcycle should consider the weather while riding and dress accordingly.


To wrap it up, riding a motorcycle while pregnant can be beneficial and also fatal to a pregnant woman.

Women should have the right safety gear and stop riding by the end of the first trimester.

A pregnant woman should only ride upon clearance by their medical doctor, but whether or not to ride a motorcycle while pregnant remains their sole prerogative.

People Also Ask

Riding a motorcycle while pregnant raises a mixed bag of emotions, with some people agreeing with the idea while others frown upon it. 

Granted, people would like to learn more about riding in pregnancy. Some of the common questions about this subject are answered below. 

Do Motorcycles Need to be Modified for Use by a Pregnant Woman?

A motorcycle doesn’t need any modification to be used by a pregnant woman.

What Safety Measures while Riding a Motorcycle During Pregnancy? 

Pregnant women should observe riding safety while on the roads. They should dress appropriately in strong riding jackets, pants, sturdy gloves, unbreakable goggles, knee and elbow guards, and a helmet while riding.

What about Miscarriages in Relation to Riding a Motorcycle While Pregnant? 

Riding a motorcycle on its own cannot cause a miscarriage. However, certain situations may lead to a miscarriage, including a fatal fall, being hit from behind, or hitting an immobile object at high speed.

What are the Effects of Riding a Motorcycle by a Pregnant Woman on an Unborn Child? 

In normal circumstances, there are no adverse effects on an unborn child related to a pregnant woman riding a motorbike.

However, a fatal crash may lead to a dislodged placenta, disability, or death of both the mother and the unborn child.  

Women should weigh the benefits of riding a motorcycle in pregnancy versus the risks involved.

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