10 Reasons You Should Ride a Motorcycle – #2 Is a Surprise!

A man posing on a motorcycle. A deep love for motorcycles is one of the main reasons people ride motorcycles.

Did you know that there are approximately 600 million motorcycles in the world? Such a number is pretty impressive and begs the question, “what are the reasons you should ride a motorcycle”? Why do even so many people ride motorcycles when there are more cars than motorbikes?

You probably have thought about a motorcycle but are unsure if you should get one. You might see those who ride motorcycles as cool, but you aren’t sure if there is more to it. Why should you even own a motorcycle?

Well, this post shall help you understand why getting a motorcycle is a good idea. As you’ll realize by the time you get to the end of the article, there is more to motorcycles than what we know them to be.

Let’s get started!

10 Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

People get motorcycles for different reasons, and the decision to get one depends on one’s needs. Overall, here are the ten benefits of riding a motorbike today!

1. Enhancing Body Strength

Motorcycle riding strengthens you, and it does that in different ways. For one, it strengthens your muscles, especially the core muscles. By engaging the back and abdomen, you get to have a stronger core.

The other muscles that motorcycle riding engages are the thigh and hand muscles. They also become stronger from regular riding.

Secondly, regular motorcycle riding makes your bones and joints stronger. Even better, it improves your posture and coordination, both mental and physical.

2. Weight Loss

Did you know that you could shed up to 600 calories per hour by riding a motorcycle? Well, that’s possible, according to experts. In that case, you can lose up to 12,000 calories per month if you ride an hour daily for five days a week because you work your leg muscles, core, and arms.

The physical activity of controlling and maneuvering the bike helps you burn calories, especially when riding on tough terrains. Though motorcycle riding is not as intensive as bicycling, it can help you get into shape and maintain it.

The amount of calories motorcycle riding helps you burn depends on several aspects, including your riding style (aggressive vs less aggressive), other regular exercise regimens, and the terrain over which you ride.

3. Mental Well-being

Motorcycle riding doesn’t just benefit your physical health but your mental health too. Regular riding boosts the secretion of endorphins, the happy hormones.

Endorphins give you a positive outlook that improves your mental well-being. With endorphins, you can counter mental issues like anxiety and stress. Thus, instead of staying dejected, you become happy, which is good for your mental health.

Dr. Don Vaughn, the lead neuroscientist in a research funded by Harley-Davidson on the effects of riding a motorcycle on physical and mental health, notes that there were notable differences in the psychological and neurological responses between other (passive) forms of transportation, such as being driven on a bus, and riding (an active form of transportation).

Dr. Vaughn says, “This could be significant for mitigating everyday stresses.”

 A happy woman posing on a fancy motorcycle. The happiness that comes with riding is a key reason why many people are bikers.

4. Enhanced Brainpower

Motorcycle riding requires your utmost focus. You have to concentrate to maneuver a motorbike safely, which means putting your brain to work at all times.

Just like driving, your brain cells need to stay active when riding a motorcycle to enable you to make rational decisions.

Plus, you get to think more. Regular riding makes you sharper. You develop a problem-solving mindset, and that’s a good thing not only for your time riding but also for other mental and physical activities.

5. Saves Money

Motorcycles are more cost-effective than cars. They use less fuel and are cheaper to maintain. Over time, you are likely to save more money with a bike than a car, especially when it’s only you.

Note, however, that a car may be more cost-effective if it’s for a family than a motorcycle that can only carry one passenger. Realistically, it’s not economical to get a motorbike for every family member.

6. Commuting Convenience

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It’s generally more convenient to commute with a motorcycle than a car. For one, a motorbike allows you to navigate through the traffic and access areas you would ordinarily not access with a car.

And even when it comes to parking, it’s easier to park a motorcycle than a car. This is important when you live in a neighborhood where parking spaces are limited.   

7. Saving Mother Nature

Motorcycles are good for planet Earth. They don’t have as many emissions as cars, hence less negative impact on the environment.

Motorcycles with a 4-stroke engine are eco-friendlier than those with a 2-stroke engine. Chiefly, that’s because of their larger engines, which encourage better fuel combustion.

A woman with beautiful long hair standing in a beautiful sunflower field. Since bikes have lower emissions than cars, they are more eco-friendly and conserve nature better.

8. Utmost Thrill

Ask any motorist, and they’ll tell you that riding a motorcycle is fun, and those who own cars will say it’s funnier than driving.

Generally, motorcycle riding is an adrenaline-pumping adventure. You get to ride fast, do a few daring stunts, and take on challenging paths. Each time you accomplish something, you always feel some unexplained excitement.

9. Getting Social

Motorcycles offer riders the opportunity to meet other riders and turn them into friends. Motorcyclists generally have a brotherhood, which is unbeatable.

If you want to get social, especially when you are an introvert, riding a motorcycle may help. You’ll find some fellow riders who would like to ride with you in a group. Before you know it, you’ll have a more extensive social cycle.

10. Look Cool and Feel Cool

A motorcycle can make you look cool. Motorcycle riders are perceived to be fabulous by society. They are often seen as cooler than those driving. If you want to be the envy of the town, get a motorcycle. Be sure to be a highly considerate rider to clinch the “Cool Guy” title!

Remember, if you look cool, then you’ll feel cool!

Okay. Now I know… What next?

Now you know many reasons you should ride a motorcycle and why owning one makes sense. If you had reservations about getting one, now is the right time to change your mind, embrace the idea, and get yourself a lovely bike!

The most important thing is that you learn to ride it safely and more responsibly, and you’ll get the most out of it. 

People Also Ask

Though we’ve covered the reasons for getting a motorcycle, there are a few questions that most people ask about the same. Here’s a quick look.

Is Riding a Motorcycle Fun?

Motorcycle riding is fun. It results in an adrenaline rush, which you cannot explain easily with words. 

Unlike a car, which can get tiring and boring, a motorcycle gives you the freedom to go fast, attempt different stunts, and take on challenging trails. That makes the whole experience fun.

However, some weather and seasonal conditions, such as heavy rains, strong winds, and bone-chilling winters, usually take the fun out of riding a motorbike. Also, there’s no fun to be had when push comes to shove, and you have to work smart to crash your motorcycle safely.

You must ride with extra caution and care during these conditions and situations, or you’ll end up injured seriously or even dead.

Should I Ride a Motorcycle?

You should ride a motorcycle if you intend to commute conveniently and save money in the process. You should also get it for your physical and mental health, fun riding, and enhanced brainpower.

Why Is Riding a Motorcycle So Addictive?

Riding a motorcycle is addictive because of the thrill that the experience promises. With motorcycle riding comes an adrenaline rush that compels you to ride as regularly as you can. Plus, it stimulates the secretion of happy hormones, making the whole thing addictive.

A woman in black tank top sitting on motorcycle. People ride motorcycles because of the thrilling adrenaline rush, which makes riding addictive.

Do You Save Money Riding a Motorcycle?

Yes, riding a motorcycle saves you money. For one, motorcycles use less fuel than cars, and as a result, they save on fuel costs. Secondly, motorcycles are cheaper to maintain than cars, and consequently, they save on maintenance costs.

How Can I Save Money to Buy a Motorcycle?

It takes discipline to save enough money to buy a motorcycle. For starters, set achievable money goals, outlining how much you plan to have saved by a given time. You should open a savings account and dedicate a specific amount of money every month or week to reach your money goals.

Once you are ready to make the purchase, look for discount deals, provided you don’t settle for inferior quality.

Is It Healthy to Ride a Motorcycle?

Yes, it’s healthy to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle riding is good for your physical and mental health. Physically, regular motorcycle riding enables you to shed extra calories and strengthen your muscles and bones.

Mentally, motorcycle riding encourages the release of endorphins, the happy hormones that counter the effects of stress and anxiety.

Now that you know several reasons to ride a bike, have you thought about the reasons you shouldn’t ride one? Be sure to check out our article that covers reasons you should NOT ride a motorcycle!

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