These are Hands Down the Most Funny Motorcycle Memes

It’s common knowledge that sometimes we take things and life too seriously and take the fun out of them. We fail to have fun amid all the troubles life throws at us. In the words of Nightbirde (bless her soul), “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” 

I’ve been meaning to put up a fun section on this website. I don’t even know why it took me so long. I’m sorry. 

To make it up to you, I’ve rounded up some motorcycle memes that I feel best capture the hobby itself and life in general. Not all these are my own memes, however, but they are worth sharing nonetheless. 


Memes About the Life of a Biker

Once in a while, you come across a biker meme that captures the idea of the life of a motorcycle rider so well that you can’t resist downloading and sharing it. 

Here’s what I mean… 

1. Testing Different Bikes to Know Which One to Buy as a Beginner

Let’s face it: it’s not easy deciding which type of motorcycle is the best for the beginner you are. Can a beginner ride a 1000cc? Yes, but…

2. Deciding Between the Bike and Life’s Needs in the Face of Scarce Resources

It’s never easy. What would you do? 

3. When Your Heart Lied To You Before, So You Disobey It

Because your bike comes first… And you discovered some good motorcycle gear you’ve been dying to buy…

4. When You Can’t Ride, For Some Reason

And it’s worse if the reason is stupid…

5. That Beautiful Feeling

Yes, but not when it’s the police!

6. How to Winterize a Motorcycle Like a Pro!

7. If You Don’t Do This…

What do you think about?

8. When Your Parents Were All Bikers

If you had parents who were into motorcycle riding, they probably taught you how to ride a motorcycle like a pro, and it stuck with you into adulthood. For you and your buddies from childhood…

9. Loud Pipes Save Cars

But not quite…

10. Now You Know


11. I Wasn’t Always Good at Math

But I know this…

12. Curves Corrupt Morals


13. Now, That’s Therapeutic

Especially when coming from a remote countryside to a more developed one and you can’t wait to reach the road… (True story, Signed: Alex.)

14. If I had to Do a Sport with My Bike

I would choose bowling. I can’t dance. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing (pun intended!)

Memes About Bikers and Their Spouses

Spouses are great, and even better if they share similar preferences and hobbies with us! But sometimes they don’t.

15. When the Relationship is Still New

You gotta stop and reply to each text every five minutes…

16. When Your Spouse Can Ride a Bike

Me: (at the date): Can you ride a motorcycle? 

Her: Yes!

Me: Say no more!

17. Because You Get Your Priorities Wrong Every Time!

You don’t know why, but there you are…

18. When She Says She Right Behind You

Please, never offer to go wait for her in the car, sorry, motorcycle! 

19. But We Men Aren’t So Good Also

Five minutes turn into a 12-hour ride quite quickly…

20. Shouldn’t Have Made Your Choose

She doesn’t approve of your love for your bike, but she shouldn’t have made you choose…

21. When You Can’t Get Enough

So you have to explain, but you lack the words…so you just braaaap!

22. How You Know She’s Done

No offense, dear dutiful husbands!

23. If You Finally Found One, Keep Her!


Memes About How Bikers Look at Non-bikers and Other Friends

What do you think of lending your bike to a friend? Also, do you think of Non-bikers as “weird humans”? 

24. I Don’t Get It

Honestly, what do you even do? 

25. When Your Friend Borrows Your Bike 

There’s an unspoken rule in the bike world: never lend your friends your bike. You will be like this the whole time…even when you trust them. 

26. Good Motorcycles and Bad Roads Corrupt Your Morals

I told you already…

Memes About How Non-bikers View Bikers

If you have friends that can’t touch a motorcycle even with a 10-foot pole, they will always question your ways. A part of them will always want to strangle you each time you get on the bike!

27. What Does it Feel Like to Ride a Motorcycle?

When they ask how it feels to ride a motorcycle, here’s what to show them…

28. Moms Are Always Right to be Worried About You

Because a great motorcycle and a good road corrupt your morals…

29. When They Complain That You Work Too Hard

And you are tired of answering them, so you come with a oneliner to shut them up for good. Leaves them wondering if you are crazy…All the time!

Memes From Me to You

Because safety comes first, and I need you, and your family needs you, AND YOU NEED YOU!

30. Buy a Motorcycle Helmet

Of course, a motorcycle helmet for the safety…

I hope you enjoyed!

See you soon.

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