Types of Motorcycles: A Reliable Guide to Finding the Perfect Bike

The history of motorcycles dates back over a century ago.  Two German engineers—Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, designed and built the first internal combustion engine motorcycle in 1885. It was a petroleum-fueled bike, which they named Reitwagen, meaning “a riding car.” Over the years, the motorcycle industry has seen massive improvements to the idea. Today, … Read more

Best Types of Motorcycles for Beginners | A Reliable Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle riding is a good exploit for outdoor enthusiasts looking for thrill and fun. But as a first-timer, familiarizing yourself with the various types of motorcycles for beginners is key to experiencing the utmost thrill and fun. It’s worth noting that not all motorcycles are beginner-friendly. Some are too fast, and others are too technical … Read more