When is a Motorcycle License Required? – You Will Love This One!

A motorcycle license is important for you to legally operate a motorcycle in any state in the US.  While you can use a motorcycle endorsement or a rider’s permit in some states, you may face penalties or jail time if you overlook the motorcycle license requirements of your state. Age is crucial when getting a motorcycle license or permit. Depending … Read more

How to Improve Motorcycle Fuel Efficiency: A Mechanical Engineer Speaks

Motorcycles give a thrilling ride experience and provide a cost-effective means of transportation with better fuel efficiency than cars. A bigger motorcycle (above 500cc) gets 50 to 70 MPG (miles per gallon), while a smaller motorcycle (below 125cc) gets 90 to 120 MPG. However, regular maintenance and engine tuning save more on fuel expenditure. Improving the fuel efficiency of your … Read more

Motorcycles for Sale Near Me: Best Online Stores for Motorcycles for Sale Near Me

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Chinese Brands of Motorcycles

China has a reputation for making some of the best motorcycle models in the world. Over the past years, there have been a lot of comments and articles about Chinese motorcycle brands.  According to the comments, so many people were dissatisfied with China-made motorcycles. However, in recent years, motorcycle reviewers and enthusiasts have been changing their earlier comments in a … Read more

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in the United States?

According to a 2015 Report, motorcycles are 29 times more likely to crash than regular passenger cars. And considering that most of them suffer a total loss, there is a crucial need for reliable motorcycle insurance. But how much is motorcycle insurance in the US? Progressive Insurance estimates the average annual cost of motorcycle insurance in low-cost states like Arkansas … Read more

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Types of Motorcycles: A Trustworthy Guide to Finding the Perfect Bike

The history of motorcycles dates back over a century ago.  Two German engineers—Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, designed and built the first internal combustion engine motorcycle in 1885. It was a petroleum-fueled bike, which they named Reitwagen, meaning “a riding car.” Over the years, the motorcycle industry has seen massive improvements to the idea. Today, motorbike enthusiasts have more than … Read more