Can You Get 6 Month Motorcycle Insurance in the United States?

We all know the importance of motorcycle insurance, but we often don’t know what cover to take, especially when planning to ride short-term. Let’s explore the subject and answer the question: can you get 6 month motorcycle insurance?

Yes. You can get temporary or seasonal motorcycle insurance, which also goes by the name pay-as-you-go or short-term insurance, and cover your motorcycle for 1-6 months. 

Such an arrangement saves you money at the start since you won’t have to pay for the entire year at a go.

Often, temporary insurance is a top consideration for motorcycle renters, borrowers, travelers, test riders, seasonal motorcyclists, and new owners. To help you understand temporary insurance better, we’ll discuss what it is in detail, its coverage, cost, advantages, disadvantages, and user preference.

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What is Temporary Insurance?

As the name suggests, temporary motorcycle insurance is a short-term motorcycle coverage that protects your motorcycle against various risks for a short term, usually days, weeks, or even less than twelve months.

Temporary insurance comes in two forms:

1. Seasonal Insurance

As the name suggests, seasonal insurance covers your motorcycle for a specific season. For example, you may choose to only ride in the summer, and so you take coverage for the summer only, which could be as much as six months.

In that case, you avoid paying for the motorcycle in the winter when it’s not in use. There are many reasons you might choose not to ride your motorcycle in winter, even when you have winterized your bike. 

2. Storage Insurance (Lay-up Insurance)

Sometimes, you may opt to cover your motorcycle when not in use (in storage) for a few months. In such a case, the insurance to go for is storage insurance, which can run for up to six months.

Storage insurance protects your motorbike against theft, fire, and other types of damage, making it a good choice for expensive models.

Note that storage insurance is what most people call lay-up insurance or laid-up insurance, and it’s ordinarily widespread during the winter when motorcycle owners are less likely to ride their bikes.

Who Should Get 6-Month Motorcycle Insurance?

Not everyone should get six months (temporary) insurance but the following sets of people should:

  • Seasonal Motorcyclists. If you prefer not to ride your motorcycle in the winter but to store it, then lay-up insurance (a form of temporary insurance) is a good idea.
  • Motorcycle Renters. Short-term insurance is a sensible choice when planning to rent a motorcycle for weeks or months. It generally gives you peace of mind for the entire period you’ll be riding.
  • Motorcycle Borrowers. If you plan to borrow a motorcycle from a friend for months, getting six-month coverage makes sense. It offers you the same coverage as regular insurance, though for a short term.
  • Traveler Motorcyclists. Getting temporary insurance makes financial sense if you only ride your motorcycle on travel. It is a good choice for those who escape the winter weather to enjoy the warm coastal climate.
  • Test Riders. Short-term insurance is a good idea if you intend to test drive a motorcycle before buying it. It’ll protect you from potential risks for the entire test-drive period.
  • New Motorcycle Owners. If you are a motorcycle owner, the chances are that you may not know what insurance is best for you. A six-month coverage buys you enough time to shop around for a better annual deal.

What Coverage Can You Take for 6 Months?

Ideally, the only difference between six-month and yearly based (regular) insurance is the period and costs, but the coverages are similar. You can opt for any of the following coverages.

1. Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance pays for the damages caused by your bike. It covers you and the other party throughout the insurance term. As a result, you get to pay higher premiums.

2. Liability-Only Insurance

Liability-only insurance pays for the damages caused by your motorcycle. It covers the other party and their vehicles and property but does not cover you. As a result, it has lower premiums than comprehensive insurance.

3. Other Coverages (add-ons)

You may also see it necessary to add any of the coverages below, depending on the reason you are insuring your bike:

Why Get 6 Month Motorcycle Insurance?

Temporary motorcycle insurance policies have their fair share of concerns, but before we can look at them, let’s talk about why you may consider the coverage.

Generally, six-month temporary motorcycle insurance promises advantages such as the ones below:

  • Same level protection as regular insurance. The only difference between 6-month insurance and regular coverage is the period and costs. As long as the coverage is convenient, both coverages offer you the same protection depending on your policy.
  • Pay less. Since you are only paying for six months, you will pay less than someone paying annual premiums. For that reason, it’s essential to shop around carefully to find the best deals, as not every insurance company will save you money on a six-month plan.
  • Option of additional coverage: You can still get extra coverage on your comprehensive or liability-only insurance. Your choices include personal injury, breakdown, and third-party fire and theft (TPFT).

What Are the Drawbacks of 6-Month Insurance?

While six-month insurance promises you the same level of coverage as regular insurance with only a six-month commitment, not every insurance company offers it.

Also, it can be expensive if you don’t shop around and look for discounted deals. Others require you to be at least 21 years to secure the coverage, which means they are restrictive of age.

How Much Does 6-Month Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Different insurance companies charge differently for their six months of motorcycle insurance. The rates range from $500-$10,000 depending on your age, the bike type, your riding experience, the condition of your bike, and the coverage you opt for. 

The younger and less experienced you are and the costlier your bike is, the more expensive the insurance cost.

Who Offers 6-Month Motorcycle Insurance?

Not all insurance companies have a six-month plan for motorcyclists. Here are some notable names you can count on for cheaper six-month motorcycle insurance policies:


You now know that the answer to the question, “Can you get 6 month motorcycle insurance?” is that it’s possible. After all, it’s cheaper than paying for the entire year and offers the same level of protection. 

We recommend six-month motorcycle insurance to motorcyclists, travelers, renters, seasonal bikers, test riders, and new motorcycle owners.

People Also Ask

Below are three of the most frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory in The USA?

Motorcycles with an average speed of 30mph and above need insurance in the US. However, insurance is not mandatory for slow scooters (under 30mph) and mopeds.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Paid Monthly or Yearly?

Most motorcycle insurance companies offer you the option of paying for the premiums monthly or yearly. 

Most people, however, prefer to pay per annum as it’s cheaper than monthly. Annual payments also reduce the risk of forgetting to make monthly payments. 

How Do I Keep My Motorcycle Insurance Low?

You can keep your motorcycle premiums low using these tips:

  • Get certified as a motorcyclist by taking a good motorcycle safety course
  • Bundle up your insurance (combine motorcycle insurance with home and car insurance)
  • Go for a high deductive insurance
  • Downgrade to a more basic motorbike
  • Shop around for discounts.
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