My name is Alex. I am the keeper of the Motorcycle Exploits website. 

We probably haven’t met before, so I’ll tell you about myself a bit and why I like things to do with motorcycles. 

I have an ingrained tendency to love things I naturally can’t do or that require a lot of effort to do or just try. When it comes to activities such as dancing, driving, riding bicycles, and motorcycling, I take a long time to learn how to do them. 

When learning how to drive, my driving instructor nearly stepped out of the car the very first day I went behind the wheel. He was so angry with me that it took him all his will to resist slapping me hard across the face. And I couldn’t fault him for losing his temper. I was the one at fault. 

But how was I at fault? 

Well, I have two major problems when it comes to executing such activities as the ones mentioned above. Firstly, I have “Heavy Hands” — the kind that grip things hard and hardly let go. That’s why the instructor lost his cool with me — I held the steering wheel so tight that he could hardly help me stay on the right course on the road!

Secondly, I am painfully poor at coordination in such physical activities. And it gets even more challenging if I have to use the legs and hands simultaneously for the process to be complete. 

But did I let these shortcomings limit me? No. I faced them head-on and emerged the winner! I may not have learned how to dance well yet (I have two left legs when it comes to dancing🤠), but I have so far come a long way in learning how to ride bicycles and motorcycles. 

I overcame my shortcomings and fears. And you can, too! If I am here celebrating these wins, you too can celebrate yours. We can celebrate together! That’s the reason I chose the name Motorcycle Exploits — because I’ve done marvelous exploits, and I want you to do so as well. 

It’s a journey started. Put on your boots, jacket, gloves, and helmet. Now join me for a whole new world of adventure, fun, marvelous EXPLOITS, and most of all, utmost riding safety!

See you on the road!

PS: If you don’t have the right motorcycle gear, you don’t have to worry. Stay close, and I’ll help you find the best.