What Is This Site All About?

Hello and thanks for visiting this site!

My name is Alex Sylvester. I am the keeper of the Motorcycle Exploits website. 

I keep this site to share my insights collected through my life as a motorcycle rider and to help you overcome your fears or other personal struggles you may have about riding motorcycles. 

Motorcycle riding safety is a major concern for me, and I want it to be for you, too. The adrenaline rush that comes with motorcycle riding can trick you into dangerous situations where you could injure yourself severely or even lose your life! 

You’ll want to ride safely every day. I hope this site will help you learn the best ways to ride your motorcycle safely in any condition. 

Why Motorcycle Exploits?

As you read through the site, you’ll notice that I wasn’t always good at riding motorcycles. But I overcame my fears and personal struggles, which helped me achieve marvelous EXPLOITS. You, too, can replicate the results or do even better than me!

But how can you achieve marvelous Exploits without investing in things that push you to outdo yourself? 

You have already started by investing your time reading this site. Next, I’ll help you find the best items you’ll need in your motorcycle riding journey. Just Read, Love, Buy, Ride, and Love again! 

FAQs on This Site

Here are some commonly asked questions about the site. 

1. How do you compare and review the brands and products you include in your posts? Do you try all of them? What criteria do you use to find the best?

It’s best to be honest with you. I don’t try all the products I recommend on the site. Some are products I’ve used myself and liked. I do a lot of research both offline and online to come up with the best recommendations. 

Also, most of the articles on the site are opinion pieces that I base on my experience and recollections over the years. 

I aspire to do my best researching and writing the articles because I want you to make highly informed decisions you won’t ever regret. 

2. Do you earn from this site?

I do hope to start earning from this site soon! As it is very new on the Internet, I am yet to monetize it. However, soon enough, I’ll be earning through affiliate and advertising programs. 

In the affiliate programs, I’ll earn some commission at no extra cost to you when you buy a product by following a link on the site. The links may be for several different online stores. 

You can rest assured that how I’ll make money from the site will not affect how I review the products or the quality of my content. 

3. Will brands pay me to rank their products higher?

That’s a huge NO. I wouldn’t want to damage my good reputation and relationship of trust with you by writing inauthentic reviews that do not reflect my morals or principles. 

4. How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact me by emailing me via motorcycleexploits (at) gmail.com. Please check out my Contact Page for other ways to contact me. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or information. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this site highly useful!

And oh, please ride safely. 🏍️🏍️🏍️